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• 1991-02-14: The FCC allowed codeless Technician licenses. • 1978-03-24: The FCC created callsign groups A–D, and begins issuing 2x1 callsigns (A, N, K, W prefixes, in that order). • 1968-11-22: The FCC created the "Incentive Licensing" system.

• 2000-04-15: The FCC reduced the code speed requirement to 5 WPM, & allows only new Technician, General, and Amateur Extra licenses.

• 2005-09-01: The FCC announces the extension of all filing deadlines between 2005-08-29 and 2005-10-30, until 2005-10-31, for all applicants in the Katrina hurricane disaster area. The availability of expired & canceled callsigns and/or vanity callsign processing may be affected by this announcement.

• 2005-09-26: The FCC has suspended granting any vanity applications, due to the postponement of all filing deadlines (including renewals) for affected amateurs living in the hurricane disaster areas. See the Uls issues forum on the message board for a discussion of the details. • 2005-09-24: The FCC announces the extension of all filing deadlines between 2005-09-20 and 2005-11-20, until 2005-11-21, for all applicants in the Rita hurricane disaster area.

• 2006-01-04: The FCC canceled all outstanding (6000+) expired callsigns, in preparation for resumption of vanity application processing. • 2005-12-19: The FCC announces that vanity application processing will resume on 2006-01-04.

• 2006-01-06: The FCC began processing the backlog of vanity applications.

• 2007-02-23: The FCC removed the code speed requirement for all amateur radio licenses.

9/18/95 I earned my Tech License (w5yi). 10/5/99 earned my T+ (5wpm baylor?). 1/4/2000 earned my general (13 wpm I think at Baylor). 4/18/00 earned my Advanced (specifically because the class was being phased out, remember taking near Dallas Love Field). I wonder if it is time to get my advanced... especially now that the code is gone?

12/24/2001 n5xzd

9/18/95 CB kc5qyl (-> ww5yak 7/6/2005)