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Current Bands of Operation

  • 160M-6M bans, 1.8mhz-54mhz... Up to 100 Watts SSB, up to 40 Watts AM ... if I had an antenna that is.
  • 6 meter band, 50-54mhz. 5 watts (with probably a negitive gain antenna) in FM mode only.
  • 2 meter band, 144-148mhz, 5 watts (with negitive gain antenna)
  • 2 meter band, 144-148mhz, 35-50 wats for digital usage
  • 2 meter band, 144-148mhz, 3,5,or 50 watts. FM mode only, with a 2 db gain antenna.
  • 70 centimeter, 440-450mhz, up to 35 watts, FM mode only, with a 6 db gain antenna.
  • 1,2 GHz : 1 watt I think, FM mode only, unsure of the gain of the HT's antenna for that.

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