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Radio Shack / Realistic HTX-202

Ownership Information

Date Aquired: A few weeks before 9/19/1995 Previous Owner(s): None. Was new. Current Status: New Owner KD5IZD Satisfaction of Use: High

This was my first amateur radio. I am pertty sure we bought it either the day of or the day after I got my the certificate of sucessful completion of my technician certificate. It was used extensively on the Houston area repeaters 146.66 and 147.080. I do not remember if I made any modifications to it at the moment, other than removing the "Radio Shack" label across the top of it. Please note this picture is NOT of the actual radio I had.

Basic Stats

Frequency range: 144-148 MHz (5 KHz steps) Mode: FM RF Power output: Hi: 2.5-6 W (depending on voltage) Lo: 1 W Sensitivity: N/A Selectivity: N/A Image rejection: N/A Voltage: 7.2-13.8 VDC Current drain: RX: 25-100 mA TX: Max 1.1 A Impedance: 50 ohms, BNC Dimensions (W*H*D): 65*117*37 mm Weight: 540 gr Manufactured: 19xx-19xx Other: CTCSS and DTMF