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"On the off chance that you need an excuse to ride somewhere new, the ABCs of Touring Contest provides reasons from A to Z (and cool prices, too). Participants earn points by submitting photographs of themselves and their Harleys® in front of official signs while holding a 2011 copy of HOG®Magazine or 2011 H.O.G.® Touring Handbook. The idea is to visit cities, villages, towns, and counties beginning with as many different letters of the alphabet as possible. There are other ways to earn points too, such as by attending State, National, or International Rallies, visiting national parks or forests, Harley-Davidson facilities, etc. At the end of each year, valuable prizes are awarded to the entrants who have earned the most points, and the names of the top winners will appear on the Members Only site." - HOG Website.

Visit the [Harley's Owner Group] site for more specifics and official rules.

Planning Pages

HOG ABCs Planning (2009-2010)
Planning of 2011 ABCs
Planning of 2012 ABCs

Yearly Run Sheets

2009 ABCs (Official) - Sept 2009 -> December 2009 - Below top 15.

first point Houston, TX, last point Harris County
It's kinda funny that Harris County would be the last isn't it? But honestly, all the Harris County signs that should have been there were still gone from IKE... and the ones that were not, were not accessible for a photo. I still think the funniest memory was taking the Texas City Post Office Sign... there was a guy there who ABSOLUTELY did not want me to take a picture of him... kinda funny... I'd say US190 was the worst part of the whole experience. I also remember being extremely scared about doing the Hill County run.

Got Pins, Patch, and a can-coozie thing.
1778 miles 51 Points

35 mi/pt

2010 ABCs (Official) - May 2010 -> Oct 2010 + 1 deer, 1 car... - Official Rank 18th, Official Score 110 (didn't QA the sheet when it came back)

first point Young County, last point New Mexico
Fun 35-state trip... had I gone the other direction I'd probably have done more states... I did not try to optimum points/ride... most rides I had for other purposes than the points. It is a toss up between Arkansas and Big Bend Try 1 as to the worst part of this ABCs adventure. One of my unofficial goals was to try to not use the same points, or at least not use the exact same location... as much as possible

Got Patch, Pin, chrome dice, and a clip on light... a 1/4th scale Twin Cam 96.
11964 miles 111 Points
(110 Official)

107 mi/pt (109 mi/pt)

2011 ABCs // 2011 ABCs Videos (Official) - Jan 2011 -> September 2011

First point Carmel, Indiana, last point Texarkana, Texas (for Texas) 9/30
Kind of a middle run between 2009 and 2010.. most enjoyable trip was the one leaving from my Kentucky facility headed through North Carolina.
Got Patch, Pin, ABCs money clip, ABCs water bottle, ABCs touring medallion

7252 miles 88 Points
82.4 mi/pt
2012 ABCs // 2012 ABCs Videos (Official - January 2012 -> December 2012

First point was Michigan State Line at 24F just shortly after sunrise (polar bear challenge). Last point was Virginia Gardens, FL. Most enjoyable was the whole Rocky Mountain Venture.
Got pins, patch, refrigerator mag, HOG challenge coin, ABCs touring framed picture (not yet arrived)

11137 miles 111 points
100.3 mi/pt
2013 ABCs // 2013 ABCs Videos (Unofficial - June 2013 -> August 2013
First point Peterson's Harley-Davidson South on a ride down towards Key West. Last point Florida State Line returning from MotoGP 2013 Indianapolis. Think the most enjoyable was cruising through Arkansas to Illinois in the late evening.
3691 miles 71 pts
51.9 mi/pt
2014 ABCs // 2014 ABCs Videos (Official - Sept 27th, 2014 -> Dec 14th, 2014
First point Virginia Gardens, last point Ave Maria (a college town for religious purposes). My worst year.
814 miles 32 pts
25.4 mi/pt
2015 ABCs // 2015 ABCs Videos (Official - 6/6/2015 -> 6/6/2015
Had one ride then a lot of failures of the bike and me. My new worst year.
286 miles 14 pts
20.4 mi/pt
2016 ABCs // 2016 ABCs Videos Don't ask, don't tell, bike spent half the year in my living room.
2017 ABCs // 2017 ABCs Videos Did not participate.
2018 ABCs // 2018 ABCs Videos 5/12/2018 ->  ?
First Point: Peterson's Harley Davidson South
x miles x pts
x mi/pt
TOTAL 2009-2016 36922 miles 478 points
77.24 mi/pt

Blank ABCs

Combined Sheet

By Way of Motorcycle All the pictures 2009-2011
ABCs Video Link - Some of the videos