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Original Webpage: http://www.whuckaba.com/shack/ic02at.shtml


Ownership Information

Date Aquired: October 2003 Date Left Ownership: 11/25/2003 Previous Owner(s): N5XZD, KC5ZRK Current Status: Owned by: Wb8ypo Satisfaction of Use: Giddy-High

This was the first Amateur HT I came in contact with. It was well back there, in 1992 or so. My best friend in school aquired a bunch of short-wave equpiment, which we had a lot of fun with. And so he got interested in the whole ham radio thing, so I belive it was christmas eve that we went to a Veterans Hall and he took his test and passed. His dad bought him the ICOM shortly there after. (We were like 11 and 12 at the time :)). I don't know why it took me another 3-4 years to getting around to getting my own ham radio license. Anyhow, I remember going to HYC and "hunting" for repeaters along the way. And the "really neat" tone one of the repeaters had down in the La Porte area. I can't even remember the freqency now. At some point my best friend was growing tired of the radio, and I was getting my girlfriend of the time into ham radio, and she bought the HT from him. It's really sad that the IC02AT made it through all the moves and changes in her life that the HTX242 Mobile that she got as a primary radio. Anyhow, I am greatly happy for it to return to my hands in the end of the cycle. I guess I am going to put the radio through it's paces, as I am about to turn it into the transmitter for an APRS station. :)

Interesting to think that this was the first ICOM HT to have an LCD screen. :) This is the HT it "replaced":

I traded this radio and it's linear power amp to get the digital FT-1500M.


Transistors: 48 (wow! Yes, back then they actually told you this stuff. It was important!) FETs: 3 ICs: 13 Diodes: 46 RX: 144-148 (although it can be DAIL tuned well below and well above) TX: 144-148 (although it can transmit up to 150) Freqency Readout: 5 digit 5kHz readout, LCD Frequency Resolution: 5kHz Freqency Control: Digital PLL synthesizer with key input Freqency Sability: 0.002% Memory Channels: 10 Scanning: PRogrammed and Memory Scan Usable Temp: -10C-60C Antenna: 50 ohm BNC Current Drain: HIGH (3W) Aprox 1.05A, LOW (0.5W) Aprox 0.45A Weight: 515g Emission Mode: F3E Spurious Emissions: -60db Receiver: Double-conversion superheterodyne Int. Freq: 1st 16.9MHz, 2nd 455kHz Sensitivity: 0.25 microVolts