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Ownership Information

Date Aquired: Fall 2000 Previous Owner(s): None. Was new. Current Status: Emergency Radio Satisfaction of Use: Medium

This radio was purchased to replace my ADI AT-600. After spending so much on the AT-600, and losing it so soon, I decided to go a little less expensive on its replacement. I think in the end, this radio has been more of hassle to use than it is worth. I think my biggest complaint is that it has a very poor battery life. I know they went to the "cute" half-radio battery pack to make the radio lighter, and more "cute" over all. Again I wasn't about to buy a radio with low power output, so I purchased the "high-power" model, with the 12 volt battery pack, which actually makes the radio have even less transmit time (this radio eats significantly more amps at higher wattage). The other BIG complaint: The knob at the top doesnt do what you think it does. I am not sure what lunatic designed the radio, but the knob tunes the radio. I guess I am a traditionalist... that knob SHOULD be the volume, or at least squelch. But no... you see they have to make the radio "easy" with the big multi-function pad on the front of the radio. Up and down controls volume, and side to side changes band. You have to hold down function and rotate the knob on top to adjust the squelch. THe problem is the multi-button pad is overly sensitive, and half the time it changes the band instead of the vol, or the vol instead of the band. So why did I get it? Well (a) the price was right. It was on sale cheap. (b) Quad band functionality. Of course, I STILL havent used 1.2 GHz to actually make a contact. I played with it a little, but 1.2 GHz at low power, without a directional antenna does not travel very far, or at least that is what I seem to think. 6 meters has proved interesting the few times that I've got some strange propogation effects. I might take it to work wtih me this Thursday, as there is supposed to be some seriously interesting space weather. (c) It had WFM receive capabilities, as well as AM receive.

IC-T81A's Crash Case (originally HTX-202's crash case):

Basic Stats

IC-T81A Technical Specifications General Frequency Coverage Frequency Coverage (MHz) Rx 50 - 53.995 118 - 173.995 400 - 469.995 1240 -1300 Tx 50-53.995 144 -148 440 - 450 1240 -1300 76 -107.995

Mode FM (F3E), AM (receive only), WFM (receive only) Number of Memory Channels 124 Antenna Connector SMA (50) Usable Temperature Range -10°C to +60°C Frequency Stability ± 3 ppm (0°C to +50°C;) Tuning Step Increments 5*, 6.25, 10, 12.5, 15*, 20, 25, 30, 50 and 100 KHz (*Not available on 1200MHz band) Power Supply Requirement 4.5 to 16 V DC(negative ground) Current Drain (at 13.5 V DC) Rating V/UHF SHF Transmit max. power 1.4 A 0.8 A Receive (power saved) 40 mA 40 mA Rx (standby) 70 mA 70 mA Max audio output 200mA 200 mA

Dimensions 58 (W) x 106 (H) x 28.5 (D) mm (with BP-198/199) Weight 270 g (with BP-199)

Transmitter Output Power (at 3.0 V DC) Mode V/UHF SHF High 5.0 W 1.0 W Low 0.5 W 0.1 W

Modulation System Variable reactance frequency modulation Frequency deviation ±5.0 kHz (Max) Spurious Emissions Less than -60 dB External mic connector 3-conductor, 2.5(d) mm / 2 k Microphone impedance 2000 ohms

Receiver Receive System Double conversion superheterodyne Sensitivity 50 MHz 144MHz 430 MHz 1.2GHz 91.5MHz FM 0.18 µV 0.18 µV 0.18 µV 0.25 µV - AM 0.56 µV - - - - WFM - - - - 2.0µV FM/WFM measured at 12 dB SINAD AM measured at 10 dB S/N

Selectivity (except WFM) More than 15 kHz / -9 dB Less than 30kHz / -60 dB Squelch Sensitivity Less than 0.18 µV (at threshhold): Spurious and Image Rejection ratio 50, 144 MHz 430(440) MHz 1200 MHz Less than -60 dB Less than -50 dB Less than -50 dB (except IF and 2nd image frequency)

Intermediate Frequencies 1st:69.45MHz, 2nd:450 KHz Audio Output Power (at 13.8 V DC ) 250 mW at 10% distortion with an 8load External Speaker Connector 3-conductor, 3.5(d) mm / 8 Audio Output Impedance 8

Supplied accessories: Battery pack Wall charger Antenna Belt clip