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Right, so yes, I've been addicted to the music and the mysterious world of Gensoukyou ('Gensokyo' when lazy)... so I Finally have got my hands on "Highly Responsive to Prayers" (officially 東方靈異伝, romanized Touhou Rei'iden, meaning Unusual Spirit Transmissions) and "Embodiment of Scarlet Devil" (officially 東方紅魔郷, romanized Touhou Koumakyou, meaning Scarlet Devil Village).


Highly responsive to Prayers is a dos (japenese-dos that is) game . that is just annoying.... it is not a danmaku game...

Scarlet Devil, on the other hand, was the first Touhou game release for Windows... It is a danmaku ... and very much fun...

sadly about as far as I can get without continueing is Chuugoku... err I mean Hong Meirin (in case you don't get that... everyone calls her China ... Chuugaku ... because they can't rememger Hong Meirin ... and she is the only charecter to be dressed in the chinese style.... she has annoying counter-parts in her battle that always get me... here is what stage 3 looks like... (I die in the actual final battle, not the mid-battle)

<YouTube> title=TOUHOU 6 Stage 3 movie_url= embed_source_url= wrap=no width=425 height=350 </YouTube>

With continuing I can burst all the way to the "Sakuya-san" in Stage 5 ... again at the final battles not at the mid-battle... this is the stage:

<YouTube> title=TOUHOU 6 Stage 5 movie_url= embed_source_url= wrap=no width=425 height=350 </YouTube>

as you can see, her trick is she can stop time.... along with her fun assortment of knives and daggers ... actually, according to the creater she was based on a charector from another video game that does the same thing.... (completely unrelated to danmaku) ..

anyhow, I guess I can explain the gameplay a bit...

Game Play ?

On the stage 5 video above....

  • So stage starts at ~0:06 ... the person in this video is using Marisa, B-variation (there are 2 charectors and 2 variations of each, to match your gameplay) ... this player started with 6 'lives' and 2 'bombs' or spell-cards ... and they are in "max power" mode (which is usually my problem, I can't stay in max-power) ... max power makes you shoot 'stronger' ... which kills the enimes faster, which is good for veryone...
  • so in the beginning random thnigs fly across the screen shooting things ... you can see that points are earned for every shot on an enemy, and for every near-miss of a bullet and your charector (which also shows up the right hand side of the screen in green... called grazing .. he grazes some around 10 seconds in) the whole purpose of the beginning of each stage is actually to get you "powered up" for the battle... kinda pointless since he was arleady powered up, but thats okay...
  • you can see that when the bad-guys are killed, they release items (usually, but not always) .. the red ones are for power up, and the blue are point items... interestnigly the higher on the screen you are, the more these are worth ... when your in full power mode, goign near the top of the screen auto collects all of these that are on the screen.
  • at 0:54, he uses one of his bombs... or spell cards... Marisa-B's spell card is 'Master Spark" which is the most devistating bomb there is in this particular game... it may be hard to tell what it did, but this particular bomb is so massive it killed all of the bad guys on the screen, and turned all the bullets infront of marisa into point items, and then automatically collected them... it's use here wasn't necessary, but it happens.
  • at ~1:00 Sakuya-san shows up for the first time... as a mid-stage boss... this is really when the danmaku game starts... conversation is fun, but can't read it....
  • from the start to 1:20 it is just 'Danmaku' curtain fire.. as you can see, ti really isn't "aimed" at Marisa... it's just there... at the top of the screen you can see Sakuya's life .. it is the 0 with a bar (that is getting shorter as she is hurt) ... in this case it means she has no additional lives... a boss typically can play 1 spell card per life.
  • at 1:20 Sakuya gets fed up and plays a spell card... doing so means all her danmaku on the screen turns into points that are auto collected... her spell card played is "Strange Art "Misdirection"" ... spell cards used by enemies either are directly aimed at you, they are responsive to you, or they are a very complex pattern... which you can see here
  • 1:29 Marisa uses her spell card ... again here you can see just how effective itis.. so much so that it 'kills' Sakuya, and you can see the score bonus from it...
  • 1:33 so back to regular stage play, to get you worked up for the ending... Marisa picks up an 'extra life' that came out of Sakuya at 1:35, which is a good thing, for at 1:43 Marisa 'dies' ... when this happens (at least in TH6) you get a short repreive ... but you can see Marisa lost some point items and some of her power (down to 112) ..
  • 1:49 she regains enough point points to get to full power... when you first acheive full power, all the bullets on the screen turn into points
  • 2:10 worried about getting hit, another drop of a bomb (oh yeah, did I mention you get 3 new ones when you "die"?
  • 2:15 Sakuya returns, it's boss battle time.... fun converation and at 2:30 with battle music change, the battle beings.. you can see she starts with 2 additional lives for this battle..
  • It starts with regular danmaku, and Marisa dies at 2:42
  • 2:55 Sakuya's first spell card for the boss match ... "Illusion Existence "Clock Corpse"" this spell card lasts up to 25 seconds (as you can see in the upper right corner of the play feild) .. except, it lasts longer because she freezes times and puts way too many knives on the play feild aimed at Marisa...
  • 3:24 Marisa kills Sakuya for the first time... all the things on the screen turn into points and Sakuya returns to danmaku ..
  • 3:29 Marisa picks up the power ups from killing Sakuya, and goigs full power, which again turns every bullet on the screen to a point item and auto collects
  • 3:43 again time for Sakuya to release another spell card, this time "Illusion Image "Luna Clock"" ... a slightly more evil version of the first spell card...
  • ~3:54 Marisa pulls a bomb .. you dont get to see much of Sakuya's spell card, but you get the idea, she aims about the same number at you, but also an equal number just anywhere she pleases... ... so with a death to Sakuya, more point items and a return to danmaku... and shortly there after another death to Marisa around 4:10, bringing her down to 3 lives left
  • 4:23 Sakuya's last spell card (see shes down to 0 lives!) ... "Maid Secret Skill "Marionette" " but you can see going in Marisa already have knocked Sakuya's life really far down ..
  • 4:38 Marisa uses her bomb... which really destroys watching the beauty of this spell card..
and that's it...   of course that is only one way to play.. and by playing that way, that person didn't "collect" any of the spell cards... you actually ahve to survive the whole length of a spell card to collect it .. (collecting them all is an important long term goal.. it is what keeps you playing the game over and over) ...  

Real end to TH6

And once you HAVE 'completed' the game a few times and collected the appropriate things, then you finally get the REAL last stage:

<YouTube> title=TOUHOU 6 Stage Extra movie_url= embed_source_url= wrap=no width=425 height=350 </YouTube>

You'll notice when they start this stage, EVERYTHING is 0 ... (well except for "high score") ... so here the warm up bits are necessary. This play is playing Marisa, A Type... you'll notice the bombs are very different... the trade off is that normal attack, especally at close range, is significantly higher... which you can see this guy uses to fullest to survive this round ...

  • 00:12 you can see from this he knows where they are coming from, and know that they will aim at him where he is when they come down.. .which he uses to clear a path to be able to get the point and power up items.... if only I could master this skill...
  • 00:49 full power mode acheieved
  • 01:20 Patchouli Knowledge from stage 6 makes a return ...

Where you get to fight

  • 03:00 You finally get to meet Flandre... the charector that graces the cover of the game, but you never get to see until now... and you get to meet her wrath... 10 total lives, 10 total spell cards...
  • 03:15 Taboo "Cranberry Trap" 'Aimed and centered magic trickles in from the edges. I wonder what would you catch with a cranberry trap? '
  • 03:47 Taboo "Lävatein" 'A weapon demonstration with an ancient wand. Really Flandre, you shouldn't take things that aren't yours. '
  • 04:10 Taboo "Four of a Kind" 'The mighty shadow clone technique. Which is the real one? Look for the source of the most complex firework... "
  • 04:43 Taboo "Kagome, Kagome" 'Yellow orbs plow through a cage of green magic. "Kagome, Kagome, the bird in the cage, when will you come out?" ' Kagome Kagome is a Japanese child's game
  • 05:11 Taboo "Maze of Love" 'A spiralling maze that forces you to spin around and around. Blue means counterclockwise, and brown means clockwise. ' .. however this player choose the shoot-the-way-out approch instead of circling around her
  • 05:51 Forbidden Barrage "Starbow Break" 'Rainbow barrages are made one after the other. Luck is said to be found at the end of the rainbow. ' Starbow: If someone flies in space at sub-light speed, stars behind them will be seen ahead. The phenomenon is called "starbow", because the colors of stars are blueshifted on the inside and redshifted on the outside by the optical Doppler effect. THis player knows the spot on the board that never will be hit ... and lets the spell card run out
  • 07:07 Forbidden Barrage "Catadioptric" 'Reflected cannon bursts aimed at the walls. '

Danmaku will start being more focused after this round

  • 7:34 Her Danmaku is focused this round, which is not very typical
  • 7:46 Forbidden Barrage "Counter Clock" "Spinning gears amidst a sea of bullets. Time never lets you have a second chance.'
  • 08:03 - no chance for danmaku here, stright into another spell card:
  • Secret Barrage "And Then Will There Be None?" 'Ghostly bullet trails and mysterious deathtraps. All this suspense you're feeling would make for a great novel.' .. may be hard to tell but Flandre is just off of the screen ... and she actually is invincible ... so you HAVE to survive the whole spell card.
  • 9:30 again.. no danmaku, straight into another spell card
  • Q.E.D. "Ripples of 495 Years" 'The pent-up frustrations of 495 years' worth of imprisonment. The final attack always is the hardest. This is a final attack. Q.E.D. "

Sakuya fun

<YouTube> title=Who Sakuya is made after movie_url= embed_source_url= wrap=no width=425 height=350 </YouTube>

<YouTube> title=And the famous Windows - Mac comerical parody movie_url= embed_source_url= wrap=no width=425 height=350 </YouTube>

Chuugoku Fun

Chuugoku (Stage 3) ... is with her Mistress Remilia (who may look and act young, but is really 500+ years old)... trying to get her to call her by her real name...

<YouTube> title=Chuugoku janai movie_url= embed_source_url= wrap=no width=425 height=350 </YouTube>

Remilia: "Hong... Miling."
*Meiling's star changes to read 'RAGE'.*
Meiling: "Oh~, that's wrong. That's wrong. That's totally wrong.
Listen, listen, listen. 'Hong-Mei-ling'. This is my name.
What Miss said was 'Hong-Mi-ling'.
'Hong Meiling' and 'Hong Miling'... arn't they different? .. COMPLETELY.
First off, they're pronounced differently. Since they're pronounced 
differently naturally what's being referred to will change too.
'Hong-Mei-ling'! OK!?
*Star changes to read 'TERROR'.*
No, no, no! Please don't get angry, Miss!
I'm not upset at all. So please, put your claws away...
Miss, smile again? *Star changes to read 'Me (as in Meiling)'* 
Oh, good!
Try, try, Miss."
Remilia: "Kurenai Misuzu." (This is a Japanese reading of the 
characters in her name, and seems to be a common mistake.)
*Star changes to read 'RAGE'.*
Meiling: "No, no, no, no, no.
That is completely and totally wrong. Oh no, you're doing 
this on purpose, aren't you!?
I'll shoot, Miss. I'll shoot beautiful barrages, really!
Eeh--! Sakuya-san, Sakuya-san. Sakuya-san, cleaning stop!
The Miss won't say it! She won't say my name properly!"
Remilia: "China"
Meiling: "Miss, that is a country name!
Sakuya-san, Sakuya-san, cleaning stop! Room cleaning stop!?

Hong Meiling, Hong Meiling, Hong Meiling, Hong Meiling,
Hong Meiling, Hong Meiling, Hong Meiling, Ho-ng-Me-i-li-ng!

Meiling, Meiling, I am Meiling, Meiling, Meiling, Hong Meiling
Meiling, Meiling, not China, Meiling, Meiling, acho--!

Meiling, Meiling, call me by my name, Meiling, Meiling, Hong Meiling
Meiling, Meiling, call me properly, Meiling, Meiling, torya--!

Meiling, Meiling, Uoo Meiling
(Remilia: 'China, China, you are China')
Meiling, Meiling, I am Meiling
(Remilia: 'China, China, you are China')
Meiling, Meiling, not China
(Remilia: 'China, China, you are China')
Meiling, Meiling, I am...
(Remilia: 'China, China, you are China')

China, China, I am China, China, China, 'China--!'
China, China, I've given up, China, China, UWAAAAAAAAAN

Please call me by my name~"